Welcome to Cavy Couture

Welcome to Cavy Couture

We make Quality Handmade Fabric Bedding for Small Pets in an assortment of colours and patterns, so there's sure to be something to suit every taste. 

Our current range includes Cozies, Cuddler Beds, Tunnels, Blankets, Hedgie Bags, Soaker Pads, Corner Fleeces, Heat Pad Covers and Hammocks

We try to have a selection of Ready made items available at any time, although there will be occasions during the year, especially if it's been busy, that there may not be many to pick from.

These, as their name suggests, have already been sewn and are ready and waiting to be posted, They will often include items made from the last pieces of popular fabrics that are now Out of Stock, so will be the last ones that will be available.  

If we don't have the Ready made items in stock that you're looking for,then why not use the 'Design Your Own' options. You can choose which product you want and then the Fabric combination from the large selection available on the Fabrics Page,  and we'll make them for you. You will need to allow up to 14 days for orders to be completed, although this is dependent on the size of your order and how busy it is at that time. 

We take great care in the making of all our Bedding items and are very fussy about the quality of the finished items, So you can be assured that any handmade products you purchase are ones we'd be happy to give to our own pets!

As well as our Handmade Bedding we also have a small selection of Animal themed giftware and Handmade Greeting Cards