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Please check your cage furnishings daily - and upon evidence of any damage remove the item for the safety of your pets. 

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The Hedgie bag is a great item for any African Pygmy hedgehog (APH). A perfect place to curl up in on cold nights, lap time, or just a nice get away!
Each hedgehog sleeping bag has an outer layer of cotton and a snug fleece lining,with a layer of wadding in between them for extra comfort. Hedgie bags, like Cavy cozies, have a polyester supporting archway, and keep their shape well after many washes.Medium Hedgie Bags  are the same size as Medium Cavy cozies,but have their opening along the longer side to give a bigger entrance to accommodate those prickles!

Can't find the colour you want or has the one you like been sold?  Use our  'design your own' option - pick the fabrics you want like from the selection available and we'll make it for you!

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