Cuddler Beds - Cavy Couture - Handmade Bedding for Guinea Pigs and other Small Animals

Beds are one of our most popular products as they are suitable for many different pets such as Guinea pigs,Rats and even Ferrets to sleep in.
They are available in 2 sizes:

Medium Cuddler Bed is £9.00 and is approx 25cms (10inches) in diameter and 12½ cms high(5ins) at the back

Oval Bed is £11.00 and is  approx 38x25cms (15x10 ins) and 12½cms(5ins) high at the back.

Each one is made with either a cotton or fleece outer and a comfy fleece lining and they are padded with wadding in between to give Shape and Comfort.

These Beds can be tumble dried on cool if necessary but please be aware it may cause a slight change in shape so allowing them to dry naturally is recommended.

Can't find the colour you want or has the one you like been sold?  Use our  'Design your own' option - pick the fabrics you want like from the selection available and we'll make it for you!

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