Pet / Lap Blankets - Cavy Couture - Handmade Bedding for Guinea Pigs and other Small Animals

Our Padded Blankets make a useful addition to your pet accessories.

They are approx 50cms (20ins) square and are available with both Plain (£9.00) and Waterproof (£9.50) options and can be made in either Fleece/Fleece or Cotton/Fleece Fabric combinations to suit your needs. 

Plain Blankets are great for in-cage use,while those with a waterproof layer make excellent lap blankets so you can enjoy quality time with your pet,especially so for children as they'll help protect against claw scratches and can catch the fallout from those unexpected pet toileting accidents!

Can't find the colour you want or has the one you like been sold?  Use our  'Design your own' option - pick the fabrics you want like from the selection available and we'll make it for you!

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