Product Care and Safety


While many Pets do not chew their Bedding there is always the possibility that they will,  So be sure to check any fabric cage bedding/furnishings carefully daily and if you find any damage then remove them immediately  to prevent the chance of any injury to your pets.

We also advise to give them a thorough check after washing as small, previously unnoticeable chew holes can enlarge considerably during washing.


Our products can generally be machine washed at 30° C (20°C for waterproof lap blankets) Washing at higher temperatures may result in them wearing out faster and can cause some fabrics to fade. Especially with items made from Polycottons which are obviously not as durable as 1oo% cottons

It is recommended to wash new items before use as new Fleece does not normally wick very well

Don't use fabric conditioner when washing as this will also prevent fleece from wicking

('Wicking' refers to the ability of liquids to pass through the fleece  rather than laying on the surface and leaving the bedding wet) 

 If you have to use a Tumble dryer please be sure to only use a cool setting - Remember that the fleece/wadding etc.. being polyester is essentially plastic,so will be damaged if it gets too hot. The same applies for Polycottton fabrics so it is recommended they be dried naturally.

Waterproof lap blankets must not be tumble dried.

Please be aware that Tumble drying can cause shrinkage and more wear to the item than drying naturally. Also with shaped items like Beds etc.. it can cause them to lose their shape a bit,so they will benefit from being reshaped while damp and dried naturally.