Customer Photos

A selection of photographs sent to us by customers showing their pets enjoying their purchases from us.
(If your one of our customers and you'd like your critters added to these pages just send us a photo - Our email address can be found on the Contact us page)
Max and Riley
Max and Riley -  Here they demonstrating their own personal way to thoroughly comfort test large Cozies
max and riley
Fairy (and Bear!)
Here's  very special piggy Fairy snuggled up in her new custom 'Fairy sized' Cuddler beds,along with her friend Bear who's trying to Pignap one of them!
fairy 1fairy 2fairy 3
Nicola's Piggies
Alice,Rosalie and Esme sharing a Jumbo Cozy,While Georgie and Josephine snooze in their large cozies
Alice Rosalie and EsmeGeorgie and Josephine
Emily's hamster Mo enjoying her Hammock
hamster mo
Poppy and Willow
Louise's piggies,Poppy and Willow, looking very comfy in their new Cozies and Tunnel

Penelope and Tiffany
Here's Tilly and Debbie's  Piggy Penelope deciding if she really wants to share her bed with Tiffany
penny and tiffany
This is Stacey's lovely Piggy Ollie snuggled in his new brightly coloured  Bed
20140727_144736  20140727_144900
Beth's Piggies
Beth's piggies with their Cuddler beds,tunnel and Hammock
customer beth 1customer beth 2 customer beth 3customer beth 4customer beth 5customer beth 6
Dolly,Pip,Clover,Honey and Hope
Charlotte's piggy family snuggled up in their Cuddler Beds
charlotte 1charlotte 3charlotte 2charlotte 5
charlotte 4
Mr Darcy
Handsome young piggy Mr Darcy looking very comfy in his Cuddler Bed
Customer photos mr darcy 1customer photos mr darcy 2
This is Annabel's elderly piggy Gucci snoozing in his large Cozy
Leonie's lovely little Pygmy Hedgehog Eve in her new Hedgie Bag
Brownie and Biscuit
Leanne's  Piggies Biscuit and Brownie with their new Fleecy things
Harley and Ginger
Faye's Pigs Harley in a Cuddler Bed and Ginger Snuggling inside (and on top!)of a Cozy
2013-12-13 19.27.452014-01-22 21.11.322014-02-16 17.07.37
Here's Fudge demonstrating exactly why they are called 'Cozies'
The very Handsome Jerry lounging in his Patchwork Cuddler Bed
Claire's Piggies
Claire has 5 rescued piggies,here's 2 of them enjoying their Cozies
guinea pig pic 1guinea pig pic 2
Daisy and Doodle
Daisy and Doodle Pictured in their Cuddler bed and Doodle in a Cozy
image aimage b
This is Oscar,Sara's little Pygmy Hedgehog enjoying his Hedgie bag
Lydia's Pygmy Hedgehog.also called Oscar in his Cozy
lydias hedgehog oscar
Churchill and Cromwell
Heather's Piggies Snuggled together on their new Lap Blanket
churchill and cromwell
Pip & Squeak
The adorable little Pip and Squeak snuggled in their Cozies
Wallace and Gromit
Here's Wallace and Gromit exploring their new bedding
wallace gromit 2 wallace gromit 3wallace gromit 4wallace romit 5
Dora And Twiglet
Sharing a Cuddler bed
dora twiglet
Hagrid and Murphy
Hagrid the Hamster in a Rodent sized Cozy and Murphy the guinea pig in a Cuddler bed
hagrid cozymurphy cuddler 2
Here's Toni's piggy Taz enjoying his Cuddler Bed
Ash and Fraction
These are Kelly's piggies Ash and Fraction
kellys ashkellys fractionkellys fraction 2
Tania's Piggy Sundae
sundae 1
Monty enjoying a snack in his cozy
Natalie's piggy Millie with her new cozies and lap Blanket
customer millie2customer millie 3customer millie 1
Helena's piggyies Ross and Rapunzel snoozing their Cozies and Cuddler beds
rapunzel4rapunzel3rapunzel6ross 1
ross 3rapunzel 1rapunzel5ross 2
Blackbeard and Buzz
Julie's guinea pigs - Blackbeard the Skinny Pig (Hairless) and Buzz with their Cozies and Tunnel
Dave's Piggies
Here's Dave's 2 Piggies snuggled up in their new Jumbo size Cozies
Rosie and Daisy
Rosie and Daisy enjoying  some quality cuddle time with their human Phoebe
customer - rosie and daisy
Georgie's looking very comfy in her new cuddler bed!

customer - georgie

Cyclops and Parkin 
Cyclops and Parkin looking very cozy
customers - cyclopsCustomers - Parkin
Chloe's Piggies
Chloe's piggies Scooby,Mr Silver,Mr Brown and Liquorice Allsorts enjoying their new cozies and bed
chloes pigs 1chloes pigs 2chloes pigs 4
chloes pigs 8chloes pigs 3chloes pigs 5
chloes pigs 6chloes pigs 7
Mario and Fabio
Mario and Fabio trying out their Cuddler bed and Jumbo Cozy for size!
customer - mario and fabio20130906_104454
Gizmo and Basil
Gizmo and Basil in their cuddler bed and showing an alternative way to use a Tunnel!
gizmo and basil4 gizmo and basil1 gizmo and basil2 gizmo and basil3
Caroline's Piggies 
Caroline's piggies having fun with their new Jumbo Cozy,Cuddler bed and Custom size Tunnel.
Here's Hutch in his Cozy and Tunnel
hutch 1hutch 2
This lovely little lady is Lara's much loved - and much missed piggie -  Sandy 
This is Martha,one of Vicky's Piggies, who really loves her new Large Cozy  
Here is the Quilson the Pygmy Hedgehog hiding in his Hedgie bag and on his Soaker (Looks like he's wondering how those furry Hedgies  got to be that colour!)
Quilson 1quilson 2 
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