Product Guide

Product Guide

Some of our products are a standard size,but others are available in a variety of different sizes or styles - Here's a guide to help you choose the right ones for your Pets and how to care for them:

Small Cozy

This is for Hamsters or similar sized Rodents - It's not big enough for Guinea Pigs,This size differs from the larger sizes as it doesn't contain any Wadding inside to prevent any problems with 'Pouching' the Wadding fibres just in case smaller Rodents do decide to chew their Cozy. 

Measures approx 16x21cms (6½" x 8½") 

Price - £4.50


Medium Cozy/Hedgie Bag

Medium size cozies are suitable for Small or Baby Guinea pigs or similar,While a larger adult piggy may be able to fit inside,they will likely have difficulties turning round easily which might put them off using it.

Hedgie Bags are the same size, but the opening is along the longer side to make more room for Prickles!

Measures approx 20x25cms (8" x 10")   

Price - £6.00


Large Cozy

This size is a spacious fit for one Adult piggy or similar

Measures approx 25x30cms (10" x 12") 

Price - £7.00


Jumbo Cozy

As well as being larger in size,jumbo cozies have the opening along the longer side which allows plenty of room for piggies to go in and out,so if you have piggies who are happy to share their bedding this size is for them  

Measures approx 35x27cms (14" x 11")   

Price - £8.00



Tunnels are padded and have a polyester Boning arch at each end - there is a section that is not boned which forms a flat 'bottom' piece for the Tunnel which helps it to sit properly

Tunnels measure approx 38cms long x 15cms wide (15"x6") 

Price - £9.00


Medium Cuddler Bed

This is the smaller of our 2 Beds - It is Round in shape and  is a suitable size to fit 1 Adult Piggy

It measures approx  25cms in Diameter and 12½ cms high at the back (10" x 5") 

 Price - £9.00


Large Oval Bed

This bed is larger  than the Round bed and is suitable for 2 Adult Piggies to share (possibly more depending on their sizes)

It measures approx 38x25cms and 12½ cms high at the back  (15"x10"x5") 

Price - £11.00


Soaker Pads

Soaker pads are ideal for use in high traffic areas of your cage,they have an absorbent cotton towelling centre so can be used under Beds etc.. or beneath a water bottle to catch any drips and help protect cage liners,or they can just be used as a comfy sleeping spot.

Standard size measures approx 20x20cms (8") but they can also be made to fit the base of either of our Beds.

  Price - From £3.50 (For 20cms square)




All our padded Blankets are the same size - approx 50x50cms (20") but are available both with or without a waterproof layer.They have fleece on the bottom and the option of either cotton or fleece on the top.

Those with the waterproof layer inside are great for use during playtime with your pet to protect either your lap or furniture by catching any of those little bladder 'accidents' that often occur,but they are not recommended for use as bedding inside a cage etc.. as with the waterproof layer stopping the liquids from soaking through the top layer may become damp,which obviously is not a good idea for within a cage where piggies may sleep on it.

If you would like to use them within a cage then those with 2 fleece sides and without the waterproof lining are the best option. 

Price -  £9.25 / £9.75 (with lining) 


Heat Pad Covers

Heat pad covers are fleece covers designed to fit Snugglesafe heat pads.They have a pillow back opening on the underside and a double layer of fleece on the top. 

Price - £4.75


Corner Fleeces

Corner Fleeces have a triangular shaped top that will fit into the corner of most cages and then have a curtain of fleece strips that hang down from the front edge.

The Triangular top measures approx 30cms along on the short sides and 40cms across the front. The fringed drop is approx 30cms high. There are metal eyelets on each of the 3 corners for use in fixing it to your cage.

  Price - £6.75



There are several sizes and styles of  Hammocks to suit different Pets.

Each Layer of a Hammock is made from 1 Layer of Cotton/Polycotton and 1 layer of Fleece sewn together to provide a sturdy and Comfortable place to snooze.

Metal Eyelets are fitted to each corner to enable Hammocks to be hung up in your cage.

(Metal Hangers are available separately)

Flat 1 Layer Hammocks are available in Square,Rectangular and Corner (Triangle) shapes in different Sizes i.e  Mini sizes for  Small Rodents like Mice etc..  Medium/ large for bigger Rodents or for multiple  animals to share.

Double Hammocks have 2 layers  and are great for the more agile climbers like Rats etc.. and give a snug enclosed sleeping spot 

Triple Hammocks have 3 layers giving 2 separate lower level sleeping areas so are great if you have multiple animals that want to share

While many Guinea Pigs do like to use Hammocks they are definitely not the agile climbers that many other  rodents are, So  flat hammocks are generally the best to use and always be sure to fix  them close to the floor so they can enjoy the comfort but without any chance of  them falling out

Prices are from £3.50 - £13.00 depending on size/ style


Washing Tips

Our products can generally be machine washed at 30° C (20°C for waterproof lap blankets) Washing at higher temperatures may result in them wearing out faster and cause some fabrics to fade. Especially with items made from Polycottons which are obviously not as durable as 1oo% cottons

It is recommended to wash new items before use as new Fleece does not normally wick very well

Don't use fabric conditioner when washing as this will also prevent fleece from wicking

('Wicking' refers to the ability of liquids to pass through the fleece  rather than laying on the surface and leaving the bedding wet) 

 If you have to use a Tumble dryer please be sure to only use a cool setting - Remember that the fleece/wadding etc.. being polyester is essentially plastic,so will be damaged if it gets too hot. The same applies for Polycottton fabrics so it is recommended they be dried naturally.

Waterproof lap blankets must not be tumble dried.

Please be aware that Tumble drying can cause shrinkage and more wear to the item than drying naturally. Also with shaped items like Beds etc.. it can cause them to lose their shape a bit,so they will benefit from being reshaped while damp and dried naturally.

Pet Safety

Be sure to check all your fabric cage bedding/furnishings carefully daily for any signs of any damage and remove them immediately if there is any to prevent the chance of any injury to your pets.

It's also advisable to check after washing as small previously unnoticeable chew holes can enlarge considerably during washing.