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Please check your cage furnishings daily - and upon evidence of any damage remove the item for the safety of your pets. 

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The Tunnel is one of the best buys for many small pets, especially Rats and Guinea pigs as it provides your pets with a place to run through,hide and even to sleep in.
Because many small pets burrow in the wild,tunnels are a great choice of pet accessory for your little ones.Guinea pigs,Chinchillas and Rats in particular love our comfy fleece tunnels, a fab alternative to the traditional chube (tube).

Our Tunnels are made of an outer cotton layer and an inner snug fleece layer with a layer of wadding in between them for comfort and to provide shape. Each tunnel contains an arch of polyester boning at both ends,which is safe for washing and pops back open even if sat on!

Can't find the colour you want or has the one you like been sold?  Use our  'design your own' option - pick the fabrics you want like from the selection available and we'll make it for you!

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