Hammocks - Cavy Couture - Handmade Bedding for Guinea Pigs and other Small Animals

Hammocks can make a great cage addition  for  Rats,degus, chinchillas, sugar gliders, ferrets etc...
We have a selection of  different styles of hammocks, to suit different types,sizes and quantities of pets
There are standard flat hammocks of varying shapes/sizes, as well as corner hammocks, double decker and triple hammocks.Prices range from £3.00 to £13.00 depending on size/type

(Please be aware that  hammocks sales do NOT include the hangers for hanging. This is because many people already own suitable hangers.They can be purchased separately at 30p each here - Hangers )
Due to the large range of different styles we generally don't keep ready made Hammocks in stock, so please order them using the 'Design your Own' options, examples of the different styles,with measurements / prices etc.. can be seen below  and there are also details on the Product guide page.

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