These are all the Fabrics we currently have available for you to pick from for the design your own option:
Cottons are at the top - Fleeces at the bottom
(Please check at the bottom of the page for details on stock levels/availability) 
 Cottons (All 100% cotton unless marked as Polycotton)

(Fleeces are further down the page)

mr fox hedgies bunnies
Mr Fox Hedgies Bunnies(Temp Out of Stock)
pink sunshine friends gnomes pink hearts
Pink Sunshine Friends Gnomes Pink Hearts (Polycotton)
 flutterby n flowers  trimmings  monkeys
Flutterby n Flowers (Polycotton)  Trimmings Monkeys
 bright ricrac  pastel ricrac  purple swirls
 Bright RicRac  Pastel Ric Rac  Purple Swirls
 Cotton - Chained skulls  dscn0357  cotton - dotty spotty
 Chained Skulls  Carrots  Dotty Spotty
choo choo turquoise Cotton - Strawberries cotton - day owls
 Turquoise Choo Choo  Strawberries  Day Owls
cotton - hiawatha Cotton - Royal Blue stars Cotton - Liquorice Pink
 Hiawatha  Royal Stars
 Cerise Liquorice Allsorts
pink quackers Cotton - Parrots cotton -spots and stripes
Pink Quackers  Parrots  Spots and Stripes
cotton - oink cotton -cream farmyard cotton - jellybeans
Oink Back on the Farm Jellybeans
cotton - stamps Cotton - Flames Newsprint
Stamps Flames Newsprint
fly the flag Cotton - Red Spots  
Fly the Flag Red Spots  
cotton - Tiger print blue green stripes poly cotton pretty kitty
Tiger Blue/Green Stripes
Pretty Kitty
cotton - chickens   quackers
( Very Limited Stock)

If choosing a Limited stock

fabric please be aware that

if someone else has ordered

before you it may no longer

 be available ( If you have

another choice then put this

 in the 'special instructions'

 box at checkout) 

music cotton - cream bees  cotton - marine fish
(Very Limited Stock)
Cream Bees
( Very Ltd Stock)
Marine Fish
(Very Limited Stock)
  fleece coral wine
  FLEECE - Coral FLEECE - Wine
red fleece baby pink cerise
FLEECE - Red FLEECE - Baby Pink FLEECE - Cerise Pink
baby blue turquoise royal fleece
FLEECE - Baby Blue
(Temporarily Out of Stock) 
FLEECE - Turquoise FLEECE - Royal Blue
lilac fleece  purple Fleece - Black
FLEECE - Lilac  FLEECE - Purple FLEECE - Black
Fleece - Lemon Fleece - Yellow Fleece - Orange
FLEECE - Lemon FLEECE - Yellow FLEECE - Orange
mint Fleece - Lime Green bottle green fleece
FLEECE-Mint Green(Ltd Stk) FLEECE - Lime FLEECE - Bottle Green
fleece - multi stars fleece - owls hedgehogs
FLEECE - Multi Stars FLEECE - Owls FLEECE - Hedgehogs
fleece - critters Fleece - Moo red monkeys
FLEECE - Garden Critters FLEECE - Moo FLEECE - Red Funky Monkey
  fleece - navy hearts Fleece - Tiger
  FLEECE - Navy Hearts FLEECE - Tiger
fleece - multicoloured dots fleece chocolate paws Fleece - Ladybird
FLEECE - Multicoloured Dots FLEECE - Choc Pawprints FLEECE - Ladybird
woodland fleece  Fleece - Funky monkey Fleece-pink spot 
FLEECE - Woodland
(Low Stock) 
FLEECE - Funky Monkeys
(Low Stock)
FLEECE - Pink Spots
(Low Stock)



Please note that in order to try and keep all the colours in stock we source our fleeces from a number of suppliers so the exact colour shade of the fleeces can vary slightly between batches. 
Please be aware that colours can sometimes look slightly different in person - Camera flashes/monitors can all make colours appear different.Please use them as just a guide.
(As the colours do not show up well when photographed most of the plain fleece colours are not pictures of the actual fleece but a close colour match.) 
Stock Levels
Fleeces that are quoted as having low/limited stock levels may only be available for smaller items (Soakers/Heat pad covers etc..)
Any orders requiring Low stock Fabrics will be taken on a first come,first served basis,as while the list is updated frequently a large order in any one particular fabric can cause it to become out of stock unexpectedly, so if you do have a 2nd choice fabric that you would like if your 1st choice is out of stock please include this in the 'Special instructions' box during Checkout
If you do want several items in a Low stock fabric,especially if your order will include Blankets or Jumbo Cozies, it would probably be a good idea to contact us first just to check we have enough.
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