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Using this news blog, you can keep track of the development of our new products, as well as each new and exclusive design.

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  1. Just to let you all know that I won't be making any more items/Custom orders until after the 7th January as I am very kindly letting the Sewing Machine have a well earned annual Sewing Break,Which of course means I get to have a one too! ;-)

    However,the Website will remain open over the Holidays so you'll still be able to buy any of the ready made items that are available.(Any orders will be posted as and when the Post office is open,so expect them to take longer than usual to be delivered)

    If you want to place an early custom order for next year,you are very welcome too and I'll add you to the next order sewing list,just drop me an email or message through facebook if you'd prefer and let me know what you'd like and I'll sort out an order for you  :-) 

    Thank you all so much for all your Custom over the past year and I hope you all enjoy the Holidays and have a very Happy New year

  2. Yes,I know Christmas is still several weeks away yet,but in order to make sure there's enough time to get them all done,I am now taking early Christmas orders.

    The Festive Fabrics are now showing below and on the Fabrics page - So you can see what's available  - I won't be starting sewing them until the end of this month,but as there will only be limited quantities of each of the Christmas themed fabrics if you want to place an order to be sure of getting the fabric combinations you want then please email me and let me know what items and in which cotton/fleece combinations you would like them made and I'll put a custom listing for you on the Website so you'll be able to pay for them.


    You can of course mix festive fabrics with the standard plain coloured fleeces as well 

     merry christmas  snowflakes  Red Snowmen  
    Happy Christmas Polycotton Snowflake Polycotton Snowmen Cotton  
     holly polycotton  Blue Santa cotton  multi reindeer cotton  
    Holly Polycotton Santa Polycotton  Multi Reindeer Cotton  
     Stars Fleece  Blk wht Reindeer fleece  snowflake fleece  Fleece - Red Snowflakes
     Silver grey Stars fleece  Reindeer fleece  Snowflakes fleece  Red Snowflakes fleece


  3. The Design your own sections will remain closed until later this month (January)

    This is so I can make a few items for the Website first - as once custom orders start being placed I usually don't have any spare time to make any Ready made items and I won't make them while there are outstanding orders as already paid for orders will always take precedence.

    I have a selection of smaller pieces of fabric that are leftover from previous Design your own fabrics that I will be using (once there is only a small piece left I remove them from the fabric options as there often isn't enough to make certain items) so there may be a brief return of some of your old favourites in among them :-)

    There are also several cottons that I'll be adding to the fabrics page ready for when the DYO reopens( once I get them Photographed) and they are all ones that I haven't had before :-)


    Have a Happy New Year


  4. Unfortunately I have had to make the decision to close the 'Design your own' section a little earlier than I had expected as I have got a large number of orders to complete and so wouldn't be able to guarantee that any new orders that were placed would be finished in time for them to be delivered before Christmas.


    It's unlikely that it will be reopening until early January as both my poor overworked Sewing machine and I like to take a sewing break over Christmas,If I do have some spare time after all existing orders are finished I will use it to make some Ready made items for the Website.


  5. I've had to temporarily close the 'Design your own' section  for a short while to give me a chance to catch up on all the existing orders that have been placed.

    It's been very busy lately,which isn't surprising given how less than pleasant the weather has been this past few weeks, and while I like to try and get 'DYO' orders made within 14 days maximum of being placed it's now running at about 3 weeks - which is too long in my opinion and I really don't like making you all wait so long - so I'll keep the 'DYO' closed for a short while until I can get some of the backlog cleared and the wait down to a much shorter time.

    Sorry for any inconvenience 

  6. You'll probably have noticed that there's a lot less variety of cottons available in the 'Design your own' options at the moment,the good news is there will be a load of new ones in at the end of February - They will include the return of some old favourites who haven't been available for a while,plus a selection of brand new ones that we've never had before :-)


    There should be a selection of Ready made items going onto the website over the next few days (some have already been added) as I am trying to use up all the smaller pieces of fabric (those that aren't available as DYO options  as there isn't enough of them left) to make room for the new ones :-)

    There's a mix of different colours and styles,and many will be the last ones available as they are fabrics I can no longer get more of from the suppliers :-(

    So keep an eye out and you might spot a long lost favourite in there somewhere!

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