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Using this news blog, you can keep track of the development of our new products, as well as each new and exclusive design.

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  1. As the Washer Bags have a habit of selling out as fast as I can make them I've now added an 'Order a Washer Bag' option in their section - It works just the same as the 'Design your Own' options on the other products.

    The only difference is that because they require a large piece of Fabric to make they will only be available in 1 patterned cotton at a time rather than choosing your own (It's currently Sandy Marine Fish cotton)

    So from now on you'll be able to add a Washer Bag in any of the 3 sizes to your basket along with everything else
  2. You may have noticed several of our Patterned Cottons disappearing over he last few weeks,Don't worry I've just been finishing them up to make room for some shiny new ones :-)

    And the good news is I've just finished a mammoth upload of 22 new Fabrics onto the Website.

    There's 19 Cottons including a few returning favourites like Newsprint,Hippy,Zebra and Jellybeans etc.. 

    Some brand new ones - Night Owls,Day Owls,Buttons Hawaii,Ivory Butterflies,Groovy etc... 
    cotton - night owlscotton - ivory butterfliescotton - hawaiicotton - groovycotton -spots and stripescotton - blue poppies

    And there's even some old Friends in new Colourways - Blue Dinosaurs,Back on the Farm and Cream Bees

    There's also 3 new fleeces - Mint Green,Cupcakes and Purple Owls

    Be sure to check out the Fabrics page to see them all
  3. Again,my apologies for the extremely low (or in some cases non existent!) levels of stock currently on the Website.

    *Fingers crossed* I will have finished up the existing post Christmas custom orders in the next few days  and I'll be able to get started on filling the sections up again,but  as always because any 'design your own ' orders will always take precedence over this it can sometimes get rather empty on site if I have several to complete first and making fresh stock has to be done in between them.

    Of course all the Design your own sections are open and you are more than welcome to use them to skip having to wait for me to catch up! 
  4. Just an update - The 'DYO' section will now be closing on the 6th December (This Friday) and will remain closed over the holidays - reopening on 5th January.

    The Remainder of the Website will remain open over the Holidays,but you'll only be able to buy the ready made items during this time.

    We will continue to post orders right up to and through Christmas,as and when the Post office etc... is open  but obviously there may be delays during this time.
  5. Just a reminder that the 'Design your own' section will be closing shortly. 

    The planned closing date was the 12th December,but it is looking very likely it may close before then,it will depend on how many orders we receive in the next few days as it is very busy at the moment and we need to make sure there will be enough time to get all existing orders completed and posted out in plenty of time for Christmas.

    So if you don't want to miss out please place your order now to avoid disappointment,
    Thank you!
  6. Just to let you all know that I have had no Broadband connection for the past week,so I wanted to apologise to any of you whose order was dispatched during that time as you won't have received your usual 'item dispatched' email that I normally send out once they've been posted.

    Fortunately the phone engineer has just visited and replaced my rather elderly phone wiring with something a bit newer and everything is now back up and running :-)

    Sorry for any inconveniance caused 
  7. While it is only the beginning of October we have now opened up the Winter Wonderland section for 2013!!

    There's a mixture of different coloured cottons in some very Bright and Cheerful patterns to brighten up your critters cage.

    Everything that will be available in the patterned cottons is now on the site so grab them before they sell out!


  8. Apologies that the stock levels of many of the Ready made items have been quite low lately - This is because i've had a large number of Custom orders for Cage liners and Design your own items recently and because I always make sure these orders take precedence over making any new items to go on the site it does mean that the number of available ready made items will drop from time to time.

    Hopefully this should be rectified very soon as I decided to stop taking any new orders for  Cage liners for a little while to enable me to get some new stock made,So keep an eye on the site - new stock should be appearing very soon!! 

  9. Just recently a few of our old favourite cottons have run out and sadly we can't get any more of them at the moment,but while it's farewell to the Fans,Flower Strings,Animal print and the others it's time to say Hallo to some new designs.

    Joining us today are :
    Zebras - Cute comical Zebra on a yellow background
    Jellybeans - Multicoloured sweeties on a cream background
    Lemon ladybugs - Cute little multicoloured ladybirds and flowers on a light lemon background

    And in addition Waves cotton is now back in stock 

    Not to be left out, in addition to our other recent Fleece additions of Chocolate paw prints,Royal Stars,Multicoloured stars and Navy hearts there's a brand new Cream Monkeys fleece and the return of another old favourite Funky Monkeys fleece - Perfect to use for all those little critters who can be right little monkeys!!
  10. Sorry for the very low (or non existent!!) stock  levels on our ready made Cozies.Hedgie Bags and Tunnels.

    I have had a number of Custom orders for cage liners recently which have mean't I haven't had enough spare time to make any other extra stock to replace those that have been sold.

    I will be able to start making some new stock now,but in the meantime please do use the design your own options if you are looking for a specific colour combination.


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